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We thank you for visiting our website. We hope that you find the information useful. Our website goal is not only to provide information to our patients but also to help educate and in​form.
Please see the disclaimer and notice on the right. There are other medical providers in the Bay Area and elsewhere in California with the same name. Please make sure that you have found the correct site!

We provide education, information and compassionate and effective care to our patients. Painful conditions affect quality of life causing fear, isolation, loss of self-esteem, and even loss of employment. We listen and we try to provide the appropriate care to help the patient return to society with dignity. We want each individual person to participate in the healing process and we strive to educate and explain. We recognize the importance of treating the whole person and therefore we have an understanding of complementary therapies as well as conventional medical and surgical therapies. 
Because we recognize that an excellent working relationship is essential for optimal treatment outcome, Dr. Anderson is pleased to provide information about other practitioners who may provide second opinions or alternatives should a patient wish to explore options beyond what Dr. Anderson may present. We have a different approach, emphasizing eduction, honesty and transparency. Compared to other practices, you might find more written information provided in our practice, including our financial disclosure, available in the office or at the website. We respect, appreciate and embrace human diversity. This practice does not discriminate in the delivery of healthcare based on age, gender, race, origin, disability, religion, or sexual orientation.​

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​Wayne E Anderson DO FAHS FAAN A Medical Corporation
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Wayne E Anderson DO FAHS FAAN
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The information in this website is for informational purposes only and doe​​​​s NOT provide medical diagnosis, initiation of treatment, establishment of patient-physician relationship, recommendation, or prescription. The information presented may be outdated as medical information changes rapidly. No guarantee is made as to the accuracy of the information contained herein. The information presented here is NOT intended to be a complete listing. The information here is NOT intended to represent the only way the medication or treatment might be used or dosed. The information presented here is not intended to suggest FDA approval for any of the medications or treatments listed. We cannot be responsible for any website linked to or from this website. Outside websites are wholly responsible for their content. By entering this website, you agree that you have read and have accepted this disclaimer.

​There are three medical providers in the San Francisco Bay Area with the same name. Unfortunately, many websites combine us or mix us up, especially doctor rating websites. Those websites often mix up our specialties and training. Our office is in San Francisco. We do NOT have offices in Mill Valley or in El Cajon, despite what the web says! We are not the Lyme disease clinic. Please verify that you have the intended medical provider.​​