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Our Office Family

Peter (CPhT) is our practice administrator. He joined the practice in 2007. He brings his expertise and experience as a pharmacy technician to our office. He also brings his experience in customer service for a major corporation. In addition to being a practice administrator during the day, he is a well regarded club DJ and Japanese chef by night.

Celeste (CPT1, CMA) is our medical assistant and patient representative. She brings her experience working in medical offices and phlebotomy facilities. She loves animals and has worked in veterinary hospitals.

Offsite personnel provide medical billing and medical records support. We use an outside billing service located in San Francisco with local employees. If you have any billing issues, we can provide contact information to our billing specialist so that you may work with them directly. We also use an electronic medical record system owned and operated by a company in San Francisco with local employees.

And, our mascots: