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Our Philosophy

We have a unique philosophy that separates us from the usual medical office. We strongly believe in a direct and honest approach with as much transparency as possible. There was a recent medical study that tried to determine whether patients preferred a somewhat hidden or indirect approach or a more direct and honest approach. In other words, did patients prefer not knowing everything and just trusting the doctor or did patients prefer being told the facts, straight out, and then taking an active role in their care? As you would expect, some patients preferred the direct approach and some patients preferred the hidden approach. That shouldn't be a surprise, but it does mean that some medical practices will be a good fit with some patients but that those same medical practices will NOT be a good fit with other practices.

In this practice, we favor the honest and direct approach. We find that the unique environment of the San Francisco Bay Area correlates well with this approach. We provide the good and the bad news and we allow patient participation in the decision process. Unlike many practices, we provide written information about many medications and treatments (also available here at this website) and additional, voluntary written information about such business matters as our financial disclosure. We prefer the honest, transparent, and direct approach. Very rarely, patients come to us and prefer a different approach. We strongly believe that success in healthcare depends on a strong physician-patient relationship. Should any patient wonder about alternatives, want to consider a different approach or simply want a second opinion, we are pleased to provide referral information to other neurologists or pain specialists in the area. A patient in our practice should NEVER be concerned about asking for a second opinion or for alternative ideas.



‚ÄčOur Philosophy