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Please note that we have several locations and our office uses electronic medical record systems and we work at different locations. Therefore, if you wish to stop by, please verify that we are present and that the office is open.


Physical & mailing address for patient care/active patients:

Part of the California Pacific Neurosciences Institute. Located in the Medical Office Building at California Pacific Medical Center, Davies Campus. (There is a Bank of America ATM in front of the office building).

Wayne E Anderson DO A Medical Corporation
45 Castro Street Suite 225
San Francisco CA 94114


Mailing address for QME / AME evaluations:

Regular mail:
Wayne E Anderson DO, FAHS, FAAN​
c/o Cristina Peterson
PO Box 270289
San Diego CA 92198
Wayne E Anderson DO, FAHS, FAAN
c/o Cristina Peterson​
16767 Bernardo Center Dr L1 #270289
San Diego CA 92198

Telephone / Voicemail options:

For active patients in the medical practice:
415-558-8584 voicemail
415-513-4521 fax
For QME/AME evaluations:
888-748-4057 telephone & voicemail
888-442-1377 fax

Other options:

HIPAA-compliant secure messaging: We offer secure messaging through the electronic medical record system. This is separate from this website and requires that you create an account with the electronic medical record. once you sign up, you can receive appointment reminders, cancel/change appointments, view your medical information, and communicate with us in a privacy-compliant manner.

Texting: Text messaging to our office is NOT privacy compliant. However, due to popular demand, for those patients who agree to waive privacy, we are pleased to receive text messages and reply with text messages. The U.S. government does not find texting privacy compliant because of potential disclosure of your private medical information (like if someone uses your phone and searches your texts, if someone takes your phone and pretends to be you and texts us for your information, or if someone simply oversees the notification of a text on the lock screen when your phone beeps). Texting is not required and is just an option for those who wish to use it provided that any person who texts understands that such communication is not considered private and provided that any person who uses texting then agrees to the risk of breach of privacy.

Regular email:  Unfortunately, regular email is not considered medically private and cannot be used for private medical information unless the patient agrees to potential disclosure of private medical information. If you wish to send us a regular email and you fully accept the risks of lack of privacy, you may send a regular email to:  i n f o @ w a y n e a n d e r s o n . n e t. We do not check this email regularly so do not use email for any urgent issues.


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Offices and Satellite Offices in

San Francisco
San Jose
San Bernardino
San Diego