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​Frequently asked questions​

There are a few frequently asked questions about this practice and they are listed below. We hope the information is helpful.

Office hours: we are available by appointment only. Because Dr. Anderson works in multiple medical offices, the San Francisco office may not be physically open when patients are not scheduled.

  • What are your office hours? They vary from day to day because of the many offices.

Telephone issues: because Dr. Anderson works in multiple offices, we often are not able to directly answer the telephone. Please leave a brief and clear voicemail message and the system will transcribe it and notify us of your call.

  • Why didn't you call back? Please make sure you leave a voice message with your information and the issue so that we are able to return your call. Most all complaints about failing to return a call are because the caller did not leave a message.

​Precription refills: we provide prescriptions and the necessary / expected refills at the time of the appointment. Because of this, refill requests from the pharmacy are not needed and no further authorization from us is needed. If you have a special circumstance, please contact us directly.

Pharmacy refill requests: Any refill request from your pharmacy likely would not authorized becuase it would not be necessary. We provide refills at the time of the appointment to last until the next expected appointment. If there is a special circumstance, please let us know directly.